Yang Fang

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Basic message

Full name: Yang Fang sexual distinction: Female
The birth date: On September 13, 1983 nation: Chinese
Marital status: Maiden politics appearance: The Youth League member
Weight: Height:
Door Jie: Gansu Province now seat: Gansu Province Lanzhou
Certificate type: Id certificate number: 6204198310102327

□ teachs background

Record of formal schooling: School of graduate of three-year institution of higher learning: Piece assist cure only
Read time: Graduated in September 2005 time: In July 2008
The department fastens: Medicine learns major: Drug
Other learns experience:
Language one: Chinese adroitness language 2: Without
Computer technical ability: General title:
Ability and special skill:

□ job is experienced

Ceng Gong makes an unit: Pursue a trade:
Unit property: Company dimensions:
From job time paragraph: Days comes days post one:
Post 2: Particular function:
Promotive circumstance: Working fixed number of year:
Other job experiences:

Intent of □ to apply for a job

Working type: Full-time workplace: Gansu Province
Working station one: Medical treatment / nurse kind of medical library director
Working station 2:
Working station 3:
Pay: The face is discussed
Other requirement:
Book of offer one's services:

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