Informatization, science and technology is changed, financial industry is badly

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The individual has 3 ~ 4 pieces of banks get stuck, already was common phenomenon. As " network finance serves " accelerate, competition surmounts traditional pattern between the orgnaization of a lot of finance such as negotiable securities, bank, safe, fund, informatization, science and technology changes the window that makes current banking service. But, as a result of compound model of financial IT talent in short supply, although business high pay is begged virtuous, still unintelligible predicament.

A few days ago, institute of government of Beijing University brilliance and all things amount to calorie of international organization to reach cooperative agreement, special open " education of technical qualified personnel plans credit card " project, the property of Chinese credit card that develops for high speed fosters more to have the professional of international level. What pull open school look forward to to develop financial skilled personnel jointly from this is prelusive.

Gold of IT finance = is gotten

In network times today, the competition that finance serves is outspread already lose sight of to consumer, but in the fictitious space that must obtain those who consume accredit to be formed by all sorts of modern technologies again. And intense competition is here medium, the distinctive function of financial informatization talent makes company defeat one's opponent by a surprise move " a magic weapon " .

Blend in bank, safe, negotiable securities and foreign currency completely to wait for financial business domain as IT technology, the efficiency of financial industry and safety get promoting considerably. In financial company of future, "The electron is fictitious site " will replace considerably existing " physical site " , "Iformation flow " replace utmost ground " content flows " and " cash flows " . Accordingly, to overcome the roadblock of bank informatization, the talent contention battle between each finance orgnaization also is being performed ceaselessly.
As we have learned, of current and state-owned commercial bank " financial science and technology " firewood fulfil of the talent can reach the employee that be the same as class 3 to 5 times. The personage inside course of study discloses, the yearly salary of share-holding system bank is state-owned bank 10 times what congener firewood proposes a toast, and of the commercial bank " popular talent " often be dug with high pay by foreign capital bank again. From this, understand already " finance " what know IT again is compound model the talent makes high-end talent market " focus " .

On the other hand, because financial industry news produces rate fast, information content is big, all sorts of trading that finish for an instant, the movement of financial company must depend on all of large computer science department, application software and communication network. Accordingly, financial venture of the whole world produces a mechanism to be contacted cheek by jowl together increasingly, the financial crisis of each country poses systematization finance risk likely. Grand advantage says Xu of vise general manager of company of technology of health peaceful software, finance of prospective whole world will enter network finance period, need qualified personnel of financial information security to ensure trading safety more, without these " financial bodyguard " guard a pass, financial electron serves platform cannot safe movement.
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