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The white-collar of Shanghai had become an independent professional estate nowadays, present an a few bright society features. How look after all wait for this estate? What new feature does Shanghai white-collar have again? Our newspaper reporter had make a thorough inquiry one time at this point.

Feature one, the diversification that pursues the life and high quality. Current, the main body of white-collar profession estate is 25 to 40 years old of crowds between, the idea idea of a lot of people, viewpoint of value, philosophy finalizes the design at reforming and opening later. To these white-collars, the working opportunity of good-paying and high quality life style are coequal and important. The white-collar likes the life form of diversification, search ceaselessly new
vogue, wait for the pursuit that will demonstrate oneself opposite vivid quality through his dress, housing. The investigation of a website shows: Garden of Buck, true boiler, round predestined relationship has become the star the optimal place to go that business affairs of Shanghai white-collar personage negotiates and interacts when idle beyond.

Feature 2, occupational high liquidity. Because have experience of good educational background, work, white-collar photograph is told to other social estate, have more choice opportunities, all these is oneself " flow " created a condition.

An investigation makes clear, between the industry of a few high liquidity, wait like IT, advertisement, advisory course of study, the scale that young white-collar finds new job exceeds 20% . This year March, in wisdom the employee that Shanghai company is opposite many 5000 to work in the foreign enterprise undertakes investigating statistic, these employee had had in 2003 year leave one's post experience, findings discovery: Ju of Ke of  of Wu crisp Ju invades?7% of Ji of the dark  that seek soil, and be parted to be occupied only by what the company dismisses and contract nature stops 12% with 11% .

Feature 3, drive of strong creed of deal with concrete matters relating to work. To white-collar and character, in actual life, they consider more it is how to gain more profit opportunities. Compared domestic other area, the understands market of more care finance and estate in vain situation of Shanghai, for example exchange rate or the wave motion of the stock market. Because these change,concern with the economic interest of oneself directly. The value orientaton of creed of this kind of deal with concrete matters relating to work, the life manner of perforative white-collar profession estate. In the white-collar of Shanghai, investment house property, undertake the foreign currency, national debt, there are plenty of such people that fund trades. And the finance and economics of a large number of nearly two years of emerge in large numbers kind the need that media satisfied white-collar personage.

Feature 4, attention individual profession develops. An investigation shows, when the white-collar of Shanghai is choosing a profession, the profession develops foreground to had become critical factor, just be pay and welfare next. What white-collar to apply for a job pays close attention to above all is whether the individual specialty that produces oneself and ability, whether be helpful for an individual the profession henceforth develops. Meanwhile, in recent years, shanghai appeared a batch of professions seek advice from an orgnaization, this solved white-collar personage to develop the demand problem of the service to the profession on certain level.
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