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"When interview, official of be in charge of an examination can ask applicant's expectation salary mostly, or the position compensation that bright assure knows to apply for post, but before whether the pay level that give attributes tax, won't defining mostly still is duty hind, whether to include ' 4 gold ' , so hard to avoid can appear at the outset acceptance is high pay, those who take is the circumstance of low pay however. The phenomenon that unit of choose and employ persons plays game of this kind of number is very common, to apply for a job person happy before high pay fainted first, those who feel affirmatory is certain won't change. Very bad component gives this kind of business to who who is wrong. When thing both sides is talking about calm salary amount face-to-face, to apply for a job person often oversight revenue issue. The fact is pay taller, assumes taxes is higher. Accordingly, to apply for a job person it is clear to had better ask first when interview, salary amount of the agreement is the money after the money before duty or duty, make clear in labor contract, lest by accident your " harvest " .

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