"Green meal " this how " eat " ?

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Compare with past photograph, present " green meal " already no longer the industry such as service of tradition of be confined to, recreation. The member that resemble programmer of IT course of study, public relations, sales promotion, fashionable kind of reporter formed new " green meal " group. They mostly young, energetic, have energy; Thought avant-courier, not implicit other; Income is higher, those who live envy making a person is small endowment the life. Baconian rise, can distribute the following kinds of kinds roughly:
Interest guiding: New green meal tastes not easy, but because oneself want to do, was full of fun.
Experience accumulates model: Experience to a person grow very crucial, new green meal although " brief life " , but can feel the following grow however, accumulate many useful experience successfully.
The relation accumulates model: Manpower capital is one of natural resources with modern the greatest society, a lot of professions that belong to new green meal can help practitioner build his relation network, wait like announce of public relations, reporter, look forward to.
The person of new to eating green meal will tell, basic form does not become appearance minatory, but as identical as traditional and green meal is, new green meal is prodigal also is the age, physical strength and energy, already died when youth when, want make a fresh start, plan an outlet additionally. In the philtrum of these new green meals, can accomplish " step by step tall " the person often has the following feature: Pay attention to accomplishment of record of formal schooling, emphasize innovation extending, crisis feeling is the word that they often hang in mouth edge.
Recently, one authoritative branch makes the discovery when sampling investigation to youth of 238 white-collars female: The professional flow consciousness of female of contemporary white-collar youth and action are apparent prep above male. Sampling investigation shows: Had had 1 - find new job 2 times the white-collar female of experience is 45 % , and youth of male of white-collar of the corresponding period is 31 % , of white-collar female find new job scale is more than the male 14 percent, investigate its reason, the crisis consciousness that basically arises by the age, scared even psychology, highlight particularly in the female white-collar that be close to 30 years old or passed 30 years old. Come in again when the company it is a few green young ladies, certain to had not promoted to a high office when oneself position, they can be born naturally send a lot of scared moods. This is popular in female white-collar " age fear disease " .
These psychology exist bemusedly, of the professional development to a person and professional life quality rise very adverse. Want to solve them, should know afresh above all " green meal " meaning. In psychological research, have the branch of physiology age and psychological age. Among them, what psychological age points to is people in mentally the judgement to him age and the thinking means that answer relatively and behavior are behaved. Will " green meal " the understanding that does psychological meaning to go up, meeting more accord with contemporary trade demand. Accordingly, want to be able to maintain young state of mind from beginning to end only, you can eat all the time on " green meal " .
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