Talented person of sale of 4 large trades is hot (2)

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Through the investigation to certificate of of all kinds sale the reporter discovers, of the industry different, to selling certificate approbate degree endless also and identical.

The selling manager has only " small " groom, lack " big " attestation: Approbate degree: Post

The newest investigation of bureau of Beijing human affairs shows, at present Beijing is not state ownership enterprise to need selling manager talent and administrative person with ability most. According to investigation, beijing is not state ownership enterprise to introduce talent type to be given priority to with the selling manager, what hold proportion for 23.9% . In recent years, the selling manager's demand " the situation is satisfactory " , this also makes many sales low carry a talented person " look in the eye, it is urgent in the heart " . Must admit, every salesperson can not be competent the selling manager, quality demand of the selling manager is higher, how to improve oneself quality, ascend at an early date personally the dream that selling manager layer is most sale talented person, how improving quality is the problem that they face necessarily, sell groomed help with respect to need at this moment. Additional, with respect to the selling manager character, the place that they need to protect their and continue to progress, also must want to charge ceaselessly, grooming to theirs is higher administrative levels apparently groom. Because market economy grows, market competition is more and more intense, sell demand year after year of the talent to increase by degrees, management sale talented person will become popular commodities.

Groom individually the orgnaization also hits a selling manager to groom in succession " card " , survey knowledge according to the reporter, among them groom majority is to approbate degree not tall or the name nots agree with solid attestation grooms, rolled out similar MBA not less even groom, serve as with this flaunt the attention that will draw more person. What truly mature selling manager needs most is market experience, and these experience should come from at practice, the selling manager that succeeds quite at present is the sale experience that has at least 5 years of above mostly, ability harvests somewhat. But, the culture record of formal schooling of this part person often not tall, devoid is advanced administrative experience and method, accordingly, of the selling manager groom attestation is aimed at this share requirement only " have a definite object in view " , ability gets be admissived extensively

Car sale does not have " card " also connect: Approbate degree: Part of the day of zinc of take along sth to sb?

Automobile industry is to compare " fire " industry, and greatly small car sale also is the delegate with this active industry. But so far, car salesperson should have a car to manage personnel to trade from job seniority, old car as new car sale possess car manager qualification, but what possess professional qualification all right in each car sales is very little however. In seizing Beijing abundant field burgeoning the square total introduction that amounts to a car to sell a company, the salesperson that recruit produces manufacturer to undertake grooming by the car commonly, groomed content basically has 3 sides: ⑵ of Sui of tiny fragments of stone of  of  of wood of archives of large bamboo hat puts Pu act  to pull  Huan to write down umbrella J to guide bite? country is opposite the attestation of car salesperson has person make inquires rarely, investigate its reason has 2: Show off? measures car salesperson outstanding achievement basically is the sale that views him and professional ability; the 2nd, want to want the fee that the burden grooms and takes an exam by him salesperson through this attestation, because this is most,car salesperson is not willing to spend this " injustice money " .
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