Outstanding and mechanical engineer is honest too in short supply

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Many talent communication that the reporter held a few days ago notices on the meeting, many enterprises on Shanghai are many more successive already engineer of machinery of week invite applications for a job, but outstanding mechanical engineer is honest too in short supply, the age relaxes very few also somebody is applied for. The director of an enterprise says, they already attended talent invite applications for a job to meet for many times continuously, still can do not have those who get this kind of talented person to apply for a data. Then, many companies move the look other place, and to talent acceptance, the person that accord with a condition gives transactor to ability is introduced and live card, but the pressing requirement that still cannot satisfy unit of choose and employ persons.

According to introducing, enginery, electron is electric kind, sale business kind, the computer kind, the professional qualified personnel such as material of rice of high polymer chemical industry, accept is very popular already, the gap of senior skilled worker and average worker is very big also. Manpower resource expert introduces, at present whole town values the investment of manufacturing industry very much, did not come 10 years consequently mechanical engineer very will popular. Before a few years, because certain industry is popular, a lot of people enter oneself for an examination in succession IT, management, and rare person is right mechanical make inquires, on one hand because mechanical salary is not high, on the other hand, in many popular feeling, mechanical engineer drew equal-sign with blue collar almost, create this respect handsome appearance in short supply.

Mechanical engineer already more and more be servantchoosed a person for a job the attention of the unit, its monthly pay also once upon a time two years 2000 yuan or so rise to now 3000 reach 5000 yuan, to the mechanical engineer with skilled craft, already the unit opens monthly pay 10 thousand yuan of above.

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