Talented person of sale of 4 large trades is hot (one)

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The industry sale talented person such as car, safe, estate, medical treatment is hot

No matter be in,TV watchs in the home, open oneself electronic letter box even, can have promote blow on the face and come. A statistic makes clear, china has 60 million salesperson at present, and among them the 80% sales that did not pass a system groom. Promote personnel when what encounter babble when, pardonable somebody can feel " promoted some to change flavour " . Everybody knows actually, those who want to enjoy a sale is peculiar " delicate " , boast blindly or buy by force sell the allergy that can make person generation strong by force. The ideal state of the sale lets a person be accepted happily namely, because this sells concept and sale skill to affecting sale result directly, and should achieve such goal, to the salesperson grooming is Chongzhongzhi is weighed.

Obtain employment market opens attestation entrance door

The salesperson will make popular demand trade, obtain employment gap is very big still. As a result of the development of market economy, market competition is more and more intense, the demand that sells a talented person also is year after year increase by degrees, also will carry this kind of current 2003, and management the salesperson will become popular commodities more. Information of supply and demand of market of human affairs ministry shows, market sale still is talent demand " pop chart " the master of a sailing vessel that board. Show according to investigation, orgnaization of service of intermediary of market of more than 130 talent registers Beijing demand of position of invite applications for a job of unit of choose and employ persons 507 thousand, personnel of the to apply for a job that register in all 1.501 million person, position supply and demand is compared for 2.96:1, overall poise. In the salesperson, sale engineers decision-making personnel to be lacked more, although its amount is not much, but excel average salesperson however, action also wants outclass average salesperson. Additional, the talented person that includes field of estate building, medical apparatus and instruments, management will be 2003 is popular.

The personage inside course of study is analysed, the salesperson grooms the market is one awaits development and extremely potential domain, need not only tall, medium, cheap differentiate, need a product more refine, dress sale grooms, drink sale grooms, insurance sale grooms, estate sale grooms, car sale grooms, network sale grooms... the person that the sale grooms now is of 60 million numerous, the market space that the sale grooms is waiting to groom the orgnaization is fast fill.

Attestation combines an industry to differentiate cheek by jowl

Now, what pop chart of supply and demand of person with ability of Beijing talent market ranks head of a list of names posted up is a salesperson. It is the salesperson flows ceaselessly on one hand, the enterprise is ceaseless; of salesperson of invite applications for a job salesperson salary is inferior on the other hand, main income relies on to take deduct a percentage from a sum of money, cause salesperson eager for quick success and instant benefit, apply for period of time not to see find new job quickly again after much golden eggs, the vicious circle that causes market of salesperson supply and demand thereby -- , because the salesperson does not pay attention to the education of oneself and development, sale ability rises hard, and the enterprise is done to others because of fearing again " marry clothes " , undertake grooming to selling sectional manager or key member only, and do not wish to groom to average salesperson investment capital. Groom in the salesperson so the market appeared a blank, the many salesperson dissociate on the market is in this one blank region, wait to groom and be developed.
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