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Chain manages a talent to tighten spruce

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Recently, devote oneself to to develop 100 Mr Wang gentlemen that Hua Liansuo manages to be a talent in short supply and locking brows. Disclose according to him, although applicant is numerous, but can be competent truly the talented person that chain manages is little however little.

The vexed and other chain of similar talent manage an enterprise to also have happen. Before before long, in some large invite applications for a job is met on, the talent that before some home appliance interlinks Mr Ran of the enterprise to be opposite, will apply for expresses a lot of regret. These talents do not have the experience that chain manages more very much, and the talented person that has chain to manage experience a little also because the industry is incorrect,the mouth must bear painful give up what one favours.

Store of the first contemporary chain -- the United States " Atlantic and company of Pacific Ocean tea " held water 1859. To on 50 time chain manages the century begin great progress. Shanghai from the chain at the beginning of 90 time supermarket, big sell field, convenience inn to develop flourishingly. Through development of ten years, the chain of Shanghai is managed already spread all over the many domains such as home appliance, food, general merchandise, food. Not only a large number of heroes of the brand outside the condition chases the deer-fight for the throne, this locality brand also wind unboiled water rises. Here setting falls, chain manages a talented person day shows inadequacy. Manage to expand chain, shanghai already made advanced chain management post of in short supply talent groom project, designedly education interlinks management talent. A few institution of higher learing such as institute of Shanghai trade office still offerred chain management major. However, the development that runs with chain is compared, chain manages a talent to still show inadequacy. 20 centuries since 90 time, chain runs the development that obtained your person to fix eyes upon in China, china interlinked sale of 100 strong implementation 2002 246.5 billion yuan, occupy the 6 % of social consumable total volume of retail sales about, chain is managed present a powerful vitality.

As we have learned, what interlink management enterprise to be lacked most at present is medium high-level administrator, sale and concoctive personnel, groom master. Because chain company is outspread too fast, those who manage a talented person is strange be short of the influence chain management level and standard are run. And groom the lack of division will bring about chain company shortage to groom, concatenate orgnaization administers what carry out headquarters very hard standard of thought kimono Wu, the form that chain manages and quality cannot get assuring. After joining WTO inside 3 years, our country will cancel basically to share commission to foreign capital representative, wholesale, retail the limitation that waits for a respect in district, equity, amount, cancel to be participated in to foreign capital concessionary the limitation that manage, current domain is sure to appear more intense competition. The lack of these talents, appear concatenate enterprise inevitable hard injury, the chain orgnaization that makes have cannot fast health develops.

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