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The 3rd soon short-term talent

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Special performance of mixed invite applications for a job, labor force treats the competitor of hair, whether to sense sense of urgency? And other places of Shanghai, Beijing however because of all sorts of large activities begin and earnestly wants of all kinds talented person, big opportunity in escape at the moment, do you feel the heart has strength to spare to be not worth? Have such a flock of people, they for the Olympic Games 2008, for the world rich 2010, hold to be about to be in Shanghai even
One level of F1 world is equational cycle racing bright and beautiful
Label game, learn actively, go abroad take advanced courses, they, it is short-term talent.
Alleged and short-term talent, point to namely be engaged in some the technical qualified personnel of short-term activity, here, those who do not have a tradition is lifetime program, also speak of future rarely, speak of individual target. Short-term talent and short-term talent are rented different, latter is united by talent communication center allocate, be in charge of the welfare pay such as medical treatment, insurance; Short-term talent is an investment means merely, be certain target, prepare technically for it.
Duty field is like battlefield, a choice often can be affected in the future a few years, even life of a few years. Short-term talent, where is the whether true market that there are them and future?
Above sea is exemple, in the near future inside, beijing Olympic Games and Shanghai world rich will be the major issue that affects the throughout the country, these two important matters also are sure to become 21 century economy of drawing China to develop " double engine " . So, what kind of influence can Shanghai world rich bring to duty field after all? Data shows, rich of Han Nuowei world can create opportunity of 100 thousand obtain employment 1996, but no matter still plan from dimensions,go up to cannot be the same as day with rich of 2010 Shanghai world and language. OK and affirmative is, what world rich can cause " can exhibit economy " , will drive adornment of travel, hotel, meal, traffic, communication, advertisement, retail, building, city to safeguard greatly wait for an industry to develop, service line of business and bldg. the scale from personnel of course of study will from this and rise considerably. This to duty field character is an absolutely interest good news.
In the meantime, these talents will be the demand on the amount not only, talent, abroad to advanced travel returning meeting is exhibited, hotel government person with ability, when arriving, be sure to become popular commodities. Have so great opportunity, see not hard also, a few people not hesitate principal goes abroad take advanced courses, education " latent capacity " fine is having those who look so that see painstakingly attentively tomorrow.
But the person that also a few make short-term handsome appearance truly, they are having different account and objective however.
Be met as world rich and F1 upsurge, already drew a lot of talented person originally " long triangle " especially Shanghai is more hot. Had world rich to meet this carrier, had 70 million tourist that will come round at the appointed time, shanghai needs the following and short-term talented person:
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