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When applying for, want " firewood " in know exactly about sth

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A China antechamber is recieved in, after when often coming up against an inquiry to apply for, working with formal employ, go up in wage issue " shrink " problem.

This basically behaves in two respects:

The pay pay that is the acceptance when invite applications for a job did not cash, been tell obviously is 3000 yuan of salary, but when signing labor contract, unit of choose and employ persons finds out a variety of excuse, do not write 3000 yuan, write 1000 yuan only, also have agree to write only " not under minimum wage of whole city worker " ; Flat perhaps whats are written. Unit of choose and employ persons is oral however at the same time express, when sending salary formally, won't little at 3000 yuan. The contract was signed, but when arriving to take salary formally, discover however far do not have 3000 yuan. Seek unit judge which is right, the unit transformed however face, say an otherwise agreement under the contract, do not have lawbreaking. To such behavior, law does not have method really, because want only not under minimum wage, worker pay extends by what both sides agrees. Because this is affirmatory to oral salary, ten million cannot be taken seriously, write in the salary of labor contract in black and white only, law ability is protective.

2 it is to be before duty duty hind, society dallies with digital game on the problem such as insurance expenses. Pay issue is the inextricability in heart of both sides of labour and capital " a knot in one's heart " . Current, unit of a lot of choose and employ persons to solicit virtuous gift exert high pay way, but the fact is to plan to cannot catch up with change, often acceptance is gold, cashing is silver-colored.

Before before long, the Xiaozhang that firm university graduates gets his pay for the first time, when the number appears on screen, pieces of small freeze, at the outset of come to an agreement or understanding " monthly pay 3000 yuan " how little 500 yuan? Oneself also had not given what error. Is this how to return a responsibility? Actually the problem goes to go up personally in Xiaozhang. When signing labor contract because of he and company, did not make clear whether do 3000 yuan of salary contain tax. The with duty hind difference before this duty but big. If be the salary before duty, so deduct individual income tax to reach " 3 gold " hind, 2500 yuan when take are reasonable. This kind of circumstance that resembles Xiaozhang is in to apply for a job person in very general, although be being written in help wanted " such-and-such post monthly pay 5000 yuan, such-and-such engineer monthly pay 7000 yuan, yearly salary of such-and-such chief inspector 300 thousand yuan " , what normally these numbers represent is the compensation before duty. Unit of this account choose and employ persons calculates most essence of life, if to apply for a job person it is clear to do not examine minutely, unit of choose and employ persons also with respect to dissimulate.
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