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Go to Canadian development: What profession is " golden mine " ?

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Canada is many first selection destination that consider public figure of development going abroad, because Canadian environment is beautiful,be on one hand, because Canada borders,be on the other hand " economic big country " the United States, the opportunity of development is opposite more. But look from current condition, canada is not is all personages going abroad " broad road " , only those choosing was opposite occupational person, ability lives to come down and obtain bright future. So, domestic public figure goes to Canada to develop, what profession field should choose?

● accountant reachs an auditor

Professional foreground: No matter Canadian economy how rise and fall, government and enterprise reach the demand of auditor professional to all was not affected greatly to accountant. Same, in 5 years of henceforth, this profession domain will have extensive obtain employment opportunity. From trade demand: Generally speaking, to apply for a job person beard hold economy, business government or relevant and professional three-year institution of higher learning and above record of formal schooling, have certain professional job background at the same time. In accountant industry the job needs to have CA/CGA/CMA professional competence normally, at present these exams already were established in home check a place. In addition, as the computerization of system of enterprise interior finance affairs, the computer knowledge that employs chief commander to pay attention to financial personnel even more is laid in and use capacity.

● essence calculates division

Professional foreground: Current, situation of this profession obtain employment is stable. Predict to be in 5 years of henceforth in, the employer such as insurance company will recruit more to have Canadian essence calculate the professional public figure of case of persons qualified to teach. In the meantime, the insurance industry development in view of China is rapid, essence of life calculates the demand of division to will increase continuously, the public figure that Canadian essence has to calculate standard of persons qualified to teach in Chinese immigrant will have opportunity of quite a few by transnational corporation or Chinese this locality employ of large insurance company. From trade demand: To apply for a job person the three-year institution of higher learning that needs hold essence to calculate science, maths, statistical, economics, business or commercial government and above record of formal schooling, have at the same time 3 years above essence calculates division assistant or relevant from already check. Work in this domain, besides must calculate division profession to take an exam through essence of life, still need to apply for Canadian essence to calculate the member qualification of division association.

● advertisement and market are advisory

Obtain employment foreground: In 5 years of henceforth, as international trade liberalize, advertisement and the obtain employment opportunity with advisory market also so and very extensive. But notable is, canadian government the abidance of each budget defray is cut, be opposite probably to apply for a job person obtain employment causes certain negative effect. From trade demand: To apply for a job person should have record of formal schooling of above of three-year institution of higher learning, major in the university the course such as economy, business government, common management. If be in Canada to have constant business medium of communication, can gain favour more.
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