Shanghai undergraduate is average monthly pay 2899 yuan

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In the college graduate of Shanghai obtain employment, the firewood since the firewood fulfil this year is 2899 yuan on average / month, the first rank in the whole nation. Eve, wisdom couplet invite applications for a job releases graduate firewood to propose a toast statistic studies, this is pair of 843 home companies, the result that after 152541 information undertake an analysis, reachs. The object of this second investigation, the age arrives 30 years old with 26 years old between give priority to, what hold proportion for 38% , record of formal schooling is given priority to with undergraduate course, what hold proportion for 41.8% .
Investigate discovery, in different city, fulfil has graduate firewood to differ apparently, among them Shanghai with 2899 yuan / the month resides head of a list of names posted up, beijing with 2699 yuan / the month resides the 3rd. Guangzhou platoon is in the 4th, it is 2561 yuan / month. The respect increases in what graduate firewood proposes a toast, each cities also differ somewhat, the increase rate of Nanjing is top, for 11% .

Investigation shows, the firewood fulfil increase rate of Master record of formal schooling is top, for 12% , by last year have salary on average 2756 yuan / lunar growth went to 3086 yuan of this year / month; And the firewood fulfil increase rate of record of formal schooling of three-year institution of higher learning is only 5% ; Doctor and the firewood fulfil increase rate of this division record of formal schooling are 9% , among them a firewood of the doctor 3712 yuan from last year / lunar growth went to 4029 yuan / month; And undergraduate course criterion by 1903 yuan of last year / lunar growth went to 2068 yuan / month. Between disparate industry, the graduate firewood fulfil with financial industry is highest 2008, it is 2725 yuan / month.

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