Talent of 3 kinds of Internet is in short supply

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Recently, some talent net releases person with ability of Chinese Internet industry to study a report. The report points out, the computer and network technology kind talent, sell kind of talent, client to serve kind of talent to be in short supply most.
This second investigation is right foreland of triangle of Beijing ferry Shanghai, Pearl River, southeast, northeast area, western make an appointment with 15000 Internet with mid area add up to from personnel of course of study.

Distributing centralized talent liquidity is high

Data shows, chinese Internet basically distributings to develop in the economy such as Beijing, Guangdong and Shanghai from personnel of course of study province city, distributinging scale is respectively 37.5% , 16.8% , 10.9% . The investigation data that city of main invite applications for a job distributings makes clear, beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou 4 develop greatly the city is right Internet industry from demand of personnel of course of study most exuberant.

Experienced 2001 ~2003 year Internet cold winter, 2005, rise abruptly grandly, the backside that Baidu appears on the market in Nasidake, internet enters development " the 2nd spring " . 2007, search the rapid development of business affairs of electron of the market, C2C, rich guest, sow a guest (video is shared) the rise that waits for Web2.0 application let Internet industry be born much work opportunity. Manpower resource expert thinks, on one hand, trend of dilate of Chinese Internet whole is clear, the demand to the talent with annual 20% right-and-left rate increase; On the other hand, internet development is lying structural adjustment phase, fractionize of Internet business market makes a trend, the annex in the process, recombine an activity frequent, formed new to the talent requirement.

Comparative " Internet talent is in area " with " city of main invite applications for a job " , can discover existence is apparent " amlposition phenomenon " , realize talent equilibrium of supply and demand, bring the secret worry that the talent flows necessarily. The liquidity of person with ability of industry of Internet of China of Internet industry person with ability is higher, this already was become in recent years the main feature of market of Internet manpower resource.

Tall record of formal schooling, young chemical industry makes experience be in short supply

Long-term since, of Internet industry appeared from whole of personnel of course of study tall record of formal schooling, young the characteristic that change. According to investigation, internet industry suffers in the person that visit, the scale of record of formal schooling of three-year institution of higher learning is occupied 44.2% , the scale of undergraduate course record of formal schooling is occupied 47.1% , master above record of formal schooling is occupied 4.2% .

Working experience shortage is one of serious problems of market of Internet industry person with ability. In Internet industry from personnel of course of study in the center, working experience holds proportion in the personnel place that is not worth 5 years bigger, the crowd place that makes experience 5 years with go to work holds proportion relatively lesser. Among them, working experience is less than 2 years occupy always suffer 41% what seek a number, working experience 2 ~ 5 years occupy 40% , working experience prep above 5 years occupy always suffer the proportion that seeks a number to be not worth 20% . "Internet begins to start from 1996 in China, develop the history that controls 10 years only at present, the feature of burgeoning industry and hi-tech are spent thick and fast, decided tall record of formal schooling, young the characteristic that change. " Zheng Xiao says.
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