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The summer vacation time with relatively comfortable job, make the gold time that choose of a lot of duty field person selected charge. And cover knowledge according to the reporter, the language grooms those who become a lot of white-collars charge first selection. Outside grooming except English, more and more small languages groom, begin to get the favour of a lot of duty field personages. As increasing blame English state enterprise enters Wuhan investment, and those who borrowing an Olympic Games " east wind " , small language talent is in ability city also all the more is popular. So, be in Wuhan, what small language is more practical?
Recently, professional orgnaization shows in a market research of Wuhan, french and Japanese most accept favour. "Choose the 2nd foreign language, do you turn around which language to choose? " , in investigation, of 37.25% suffer visited a white-collar to choose Japanese, this and ability city do not have nothing to do to the pressing demand of Japanese talent is. According to Chinese mouth some grooms orgnaization chief inspector introduces: "In a few large day look forward to, although English also is being applied extensively, but controller of more day look forward to, hear subordinate gladly still to communicate with him with Japanese. Because be compared with the person photograph of Euramerican country, above all Japanese meets English person not much, although they can understand not regular also meeting to say, next Japanese itself says English is curter, chinese may not can listen clear, this created language obstacle, at this moment the mother tongue of best method or itself of use the other side is more blunt. At this moment the mother tongue of best method or itself of use the other side is more blunt..

Wuhan law look forward to is numerous, and dimensions is compared big, the language that French also becomes a lot of duty field people charges first selection. According to grooming the personage inside course of study introduces, although enterprise of a lot of France is in process of invite applications for a job,the person that hire without correspondence puts forward French to ask, but because the student that the part works in French enterprise learned French, and much an opportunity that communicates directly with boss, still obtained then go the bussiness trip of French headquarters grooms opportunity, rising possibility is remote also should get greatly than meeting English-speaking work in the same placing only much. In addition, han language talent also suffers increasingly bestow favor on.

Learn why to be planted no matter language, still return a problem finally -- " you learn this language, for what be after all? " or it is to go abroad study abroad, or it is to achieve better professional progress, or it is for interest merely. To this problem, a lot of languages groom the controller of the orgnaization expresses helplessly, there is some of person now is to holding the state of mind that follow suit in the arms to learn small language completely, consider the real case of oneself far from, the result quits namely, already costly arduous. The personage inside course of study suggests, before attending some kind of language to groom, think carefully first why, decide to act again after the target, you just can have study desire more.
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