IT industry marchs toward new era

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First international that the reporter holds in Hangzhou from a few days ago is wireless pass feeling net to develop height forum know, as wireless the ceaseless development that conducts feeling technology, IT times from " the computer namely network " trend " sensor namely network " new era.
It is reported, wireless after passing feeling net to be regarded as afterwards Internet in the world the 2nd big " extensive is in net " , it is the forward position domain of IT, the many domains such as computation of collect computer, communication, network, intelligence, sensor at an organic whole. Laboratory of state of American oak mountain (OAK) ever said or state with certainty: IT times from " the computer namely network " change is " sensor namely network " .

It is reported, china was started earlier wireless pass feeling network to reach its to use research, it is one of domains of science and technology that Chinese minority is located in world front row. This year in June, chinese delegacy participated in what international sensor network standardizes to make, this mark is worn China already was in international front row in this domain, important speech right is enjoyed in establishing international standard.

"However, come nearly two years, numerous orgnaization and college pursue this respect research in succession, will not research product of achievement translate into so far. " this second forum assist smooth doctor of the Hangzhou home that runs one of units and Founder of president of intelligent control limited company points out, wireless pass feeling net technology to be being changed with its intelligence, low power comsumption, pervade the numerous industry such as energy-saving, electric power, content shedding from the character such as organization and wireless communication, having tremendous development latent capacity.

The reporter understands, regard start off before the others of Chinese network technology as the area, enterprise of a few IT already became Hangzhou home is wireless the forerunner that conducts research of feeling net technology and industrialization development. Logical sequence of north of the wave that be like peace and too the lake already realized sensor to enclothe in the round, technical personnel can obtain the monitoring information such as climate and water quality from the net immediately.

These apply a domain to the height that successful case also caused international expert and research organization pays close attention to and be approbated. The Japan that this specially comes to from Japanese prep so far as " embedded the father of the operating system " be good at professor shows slope village, on Chinese present-day meaning wireless pass feeling net to consider to be started with developed country synchronism almost, synchronous development, especially the point that China grows the IT industry of trigonometry area to have a lot of letting that international sociology reviews and draw lessons from more.
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