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Escape the class works warm up of to apply for a job is desolate classroom

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Investigation is big 3 students are contended for when " work a group of things with common features "
The of 2/3 classmate in a class is in jackaroo or do a part-time job, leave the opportunity that the classmate of 1/3 is searching an exercitation or does a part-time job. Before such case is big many now 4, arrive ahead of schedule however now big 3.

The reporter understands in interview, the university executes credit to make more now, many undergraduates are in big one, big 2 when discharge school timetable completely, take the credit that can take. Arrived big 3, undergraduates invest energy and time in jackaroo or doing a part-time job. "Big one, big 2 should take credit, big 4 preparative take an examination ofing grinds or should apply for a job, have only so big 3 when go. Have only so big 3 when go..

"Big 3 still should have a few professional classes, if how schooltime and exercitation time produce conflict to do? " the problem to the reporter, a classmate that learns information management expresses, if do not repair double degree, most schoolmate is old the 3 classes that attend are not much, and these curricular great majority are professional class, teachers are the teacher of this academy, compare commonly to the student " take care of " , ask for leave to want to said to go with the teacher only.

"It is so good that the credit in the university has take? " to this, a lot of undergraduates express, usually, want to complete the teacher's work at ordinary times only, before final teacher delimit review limits to look well, can pass basically, the teacher of professional class won't embarrass commonly this professional student.

Controversy " right incorrect " should see student fixed position

To escaping the class is carried out, the view of student and teacher is endless and same. "The society is valued to carry out experience quite when unit invite applications for a job now, unit of very rare invite applications for a job asks to read the student's report. A class must be mixed 90 minutes 70 minutes of differences are not big, still be inferior to entering some of society practice more. " a student that surnames man tells Tianjin Normal University the reporter. And a pedagogic speak bluntly that is not willing to disclose a full name, student so do right incorrect, want to see the fixed position that he will come to to oneself and alternative, if the student wants to have a job directly after graduation, put some of energy give no cause for more criticism more on social practice, but if final exam is done not have,thed loss outweights the gain through that.

Remind do not delay school work because of entering practice

Deputy director general expresses the Wang Hong of Dean's office of Tianjin business college, the school is mixed in the theory during school to the student practice education has clear class hour, credit allocation. The school encourages a student to go down to carry out in the finish school, case that builds credit, should not delay school work only, do not disobey school discipline, the school does not object. But if the student is truant,go carrying out, once truant achieve 1/3 above, can be cancelled to attend qualification of this exam of course complete a course. King section chief expresses, a lot of course of the university especially special training course is very practical, there is such study opportunity again rarely after walking out of a school gate, because because overmuch social practice affects the study of professional class,this hope classmates do not want.
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